Thursday, February 17, 2011

books books books

Today I was greeted with the sad news that my favourite shop Borders (Australia) has gone into administration  how devastating, I love finding a comfy lounge and reading a good book with a coffee in my hands - an experience no other bookstore (that I know of) provides....  :(

Anyway getting back on track with gamsat related issues, I have just added a cool little widget to the blog that spins a list of books that I hope you all may be interested in, there are a few MCAT (the US version of GAMSAT) books there but I have heard of many students using MCAT prep material and getting fabulous Gamsat results.... it certainly seems that MCAT prep material is a more plentiful and much cheaper!

If you have any book recommendations you would like to share with us please post in the comments below and I will try and link it up here :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Some cool sites related to gamsat and gamsat prep

If you are looking for help with gamsat or just a place to vent then you are welcome to the comments section here.

If you want some more sites then by all means check out these forums: and

They full of lots of helpful advice and tips but please don't forget about me :)

XOXO Vanessa

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Remain Calm

Okay I know GAMSAT is looming closer and many of you are probably starting to freak out... don't you still have a month and a half left - I know people who have gotten over 65 with only 1 month's prep. The key is to plan out your study, you have to know what you are going to be studying each day and when you need to have it done by

What are you waiting grab a pen and paper and jot down a plan (and stop procrastinating!!!!)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

gamsat practice question

Okay so I am a little bored atm so I figured i would try stitching together a gamsat question or 2... hopefully there will be a lot more of these to come... please let me know what you think!

Regulation of blood glucose level is tightly controlled by feedback mechanisms in the body.  Insulin is a released from beta cells in the pancreas in response to a meal eaten.  As glucose levels drop during fasting, the pancreas secretes glucagon from alpha cells that release glucose from body stores.  Thirty minutes after eating a large sweet meal consisting of cake and candy, which of the following blood levels would be expected?

A.    Low Glucose Low Insulin
B.     High Glucose Low Insulin
C.     Low Glucose High Insulin
D. High Glucose High insulin

Put your answers in the comments!

Gamsat essays aka Section 2

I used to love writing essays in highschool and thought I would ace section 2 but alas I only scored 68 for that part... I was hoping for something closer to eighty...

So I did a bit of searching around and found this gamsat essay guide, kind of helpful, I did a prep course last year which I think helped but I don't think I was getting my structure or examples quite right... hopefully I'll get that 80 for section 2 this time around

the gamsat adventure so far

Well this year won't be my first round with gamsat. I took the Gamsat UK last year in Melbourne - suffice to say I was underprepared - even though i spent over $700 on prep courses..... (rolls eyes)

I guess I should have allowed more than a month, oh well thats what ya get for being too cocky. My biggest issue was timing - I actually did a lot better than I thought in the first two sections but I ran out of time in section 3 with like 30 or more questions left... definately need to work on my timing for my next go!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hey all

Welcome - this is my first post! How exciting right?

This is blog is going to be all about the gamsat journey from deciding you wanna take the monster that is gamsat to studying to freaking out to trying find ways to prepare to actually taking the test and feeling completely drained and ambivalent (nice word huh?) afterwards.