Thursday, February 17, 2011

books books books

Today I was greeted with the sad news that my favourite shop Borders (Australia) has gone into administration  how devastating, I love finding a comfy lounge and reading a good book with a coffee in my hands - an experience no other bookstore (that I know of) provides....  :(

Anyway getting back on track with gamsat related issues, I have just added a cool little widget to the blog that spins a list of books that I hope you all may be interested in, there are a few MCAT (the US version of GAMSAT) books there but I have heard of many students using MCAT prep material and getting fabulous Gamsat results.... it certainly seems that MCAT prep material is a more plentiful and much cheaper!

If you have any book recommendations you would like to share with us please post in the comments below and I will try and link it up here :)

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