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Choosing a GAMSAT prep course

Okay so I will admit that I had a major panic when I sat GAMSAT the first time and I blew nearly a thousand on various prep courses. So how do you choose a GAMSAT preparation course?

A wide range of prep products and prices
Well the first step is to put on your skeptical pants and wrap on your value scarf - quite fetching really! The cost of GAMSAT Prep courses can range from the cheap (like the $99 Gamsat Guide) to the exorbitantly expensive ($1410 to enjoy the splendor of Des's complete package - wink nudge - see what I did there) with many in between.

Is a GAMSAT prep course actually necessary though?
The answer is not really - if you are able to be disciplined in your study and have access to textbooks and sufficient study time, then you can quite capably ace the GAMSAT.

If you feel bewildered by all the content (many students from a non-science background fall into this area) then a course may be the way to go as they will let you know the content you need to cover and (hopefully)provide guidance and lots of GAMSAT practice questions and feedback.

Comparison of prep courses
It pays to browse your options before deciding on a prep course. Some GAMSAT prep providers offer textbooks, some offer videos, some do (extremely rushed) live attendance courses - I'm looking at you Des), some mark essays and some provide practice tests and questions. There are many providers out there (you may even notice some on the ads on this blog - so why not click them and find out haha :p )

If you are not sure or are confused by the sales pitches why not email them for more info or ask around on gamsat forums like or

Since I have experienced numerous courses first hand I will try and publish another articles soon comparing and reviewing the various courses.

XOXO Vanessa